Homework Assignments

Students –

Below are links to extra practice exercises that you can work on outside of class. Click on the highlighted links to access and print each assignment. If you are unsure of your “level,” verify with your teacher before beginning an assignment.

Bring completed assignments to your teacher to compare your answers.

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Level E


Interpreting Graphs, E1

Words in Context, E1

Recalling Info, E1

Constructing Meaning, E1

Math Computation

Adding Whole Numbers, E1

Subtracting Whole Numbers, E1

Multiplying Whole Numbers, E1

Dividing Whole Numbers, E1

Decimals, E1

Applied Math

Computation in Context, E1

Data Analysis, E1

Estimation, E1

Geometry, E1

Measurement, E1

Number Operations, E1

Patterns & Functions Algebra, E1

Problem Solving, E1

Statistics and Probability, E1


Capitalization, E1

Paragraph Development, E1

Punctuation, E1

Sentence Formation, E1

Usage, E1

Writing Conventions, E1

Level M


Interpreting Graphs, M1

Words in Context, M1

Recalling Info, M1

Constructing Meaning, M1

Evaluating Extending Meaning, M1

Math Computation

Adding Whole Numbers, M1

Subtracting Whole Numbers, M1

Multiplying Whole Numbers, M1

Dividing Whole Numbers, M1

Decimals, M1

Fractions, M1

Applied Math

Number Operations, M1

Computation in Context, M1

Estimation, M1

Measurement, M1

Geometry, M1

Data Analysis, M1

Statistics, M1

Patterns & Functions Algebra, M1

Problem Solving, M1


Usage, M1

Sentence Formation, M1

Paragraph Development, M1

Capitalization, M1

Punctuation, M1

Writing Conventions, M1

Level D


Interpreting Graphs, D1

Words in Context, D1

Recalling Info, D1

Constructing Meaning, D1

Evaluating Extending Meaning, D1

Math Computation

Multiplying Whole Numbers, D1

Dividing Whole Numbers, D1

Decimals, D1

Fractions, D1

Integers, D1

Percents, D1

Applied Math

Number Operations, D1

Computation in Context, D1

Estimation, D1

Measurement, D1

Geometry, D1

Data Analysis, D1

Statistics, D1

Patterns & Functions Algebra, D1

Problem Solving, D1


Usage, D1

Sentence Formation, D1

Paragraph Development, D1

Capitalization, D1

Punctuation, D1

Writing Conventions, D1

Level A


Interpreting Graphs, A1

Words in Context, A1

Recalling Information, A1

Constructing Meaning, A1

Evaluating Extending Meaning, A1

Math Computation

Decimals, A1

Fractions, A1

Integers, A1

Percents, A1

Order of Operations, A1

Algebraic Operations, A1

Applied Math

Number Operations, A1

Computation in Context, A1

Estimation, A1

Measurement, A1

Geometry, A1

Data Analysis, A1

Statistics, A1

Patterns & Functions Algebra, A1

Problem Solving, A1


Usage, A1

Sentence Formation, A1

Paragraph Development, A1

Capitalization, A1

Punctuation, A1

Writing Conventions, A1