College Readiness


Do you have your high school diploma or GED and want to go to college, but need a little preparation before you enroll? Project Learn offers college readiness courses that will help prepare you for your journey to higher education. Courses include:

  • Intro to Study Skills – To succeed in college, you must be to understand and study textbooks, notes, and other materials. This course will help you analyze information, summarize and realize the importance of interpretation and determining the meaning of written or spoken text.
  • Intro to College Reading – Highlights the connection of reading and writing used to explore meaning from a variety of texts. You will establish effective strategies for understanding material and responding to print.
  • Intro to College Writing – Emphasizes developmental work, including how to choose a topic, make a point and support ideas with clear details – which is the foundation for successful college writing.
  • Intro to College Math – Prepares you for college-level arithmetic. Includes number systems, exponents, polynomials, the coordinate system, linear and quadratic equations and inequalities.

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