Troubled Economy = Troubled Students

April 14, 2009

During these difficult and unsettling times, it is hard to not be overwhelmed with the state of our local and national economy. You can’t avoid the continued news on television or in the newspaper about more people losing their jobs and their homes.

The students that come to Project Learn are greatly affected by the troubled economy. More and more formerly employed individuals are attending orientation and starting classes. These students feel the pressure to get their GED or improve their skills as quickly as possible so that they can get a job that will pay a living wage. The stress is intense for these individuals. Unfortunately, the pressure to get their GED and past academic experiences seem to scare them into thinking that they can’t succeed.

As spring finally arrives in Ohio, we are reminded of the reemergence and growth that happens during this season. We can use it as a way to help friends, colleagues and students remain optimistic and hopeful that times will get better.

The local community needs our services now more than ever. We must make sure our students have the resources they need to survive these hard times despite of how daunting the future may seem. Increased skills will help them become more marketable when applying for jobs and better able to transition on to further education and training.

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