Staff Spotlight: Rose Austin

May 8, 2014

projlearn_1138My name is Rose Austin and I have worked at Project Learn for more than three years. I never planned on working here but am glad to be a part of the staff because it has been the most rewarding, enlightening and fun job I have had. My job is important because I collect and manage student data that is needed to compile reports to obtain funding. The data also lets us know if what we are doing for our students is successful. For example, if the class size need to be restructured or if a student’s schedule needs to be changed, the data allows me to see where and why. I am the only one at Project Learn who is responsible for managing this information.

I enjoy coming into contact with our students on a daily basis. I have learned so much about why our program exists and why it is so important to our community and beyond. I am also becoming involved in the area of advocacy to be able to help to keep our program, and others like it, going strong. To learn more about what we do or see what it takes to become a student, visit our homepage,

Rose Austin, ABLE Link Associate

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