Why is Coming to a GED Class is Important?

June 30, 2008


Coming to a GED class is important and helpful in so many ways, but I will be able to discuss a few major ones.

GED class is important because it gives you the ability to be capable and ready to pass the GED test.  It leads you through a process to indicate whether you are prepared for the GED.

The second important reason is it helps you learn more about what to expect for the GED and how to solve it and mostly, it makes you learn about things you forgot about when you were in school.

Lastly, some people, during their academic years in school had serious problems in mathematics and English.  So, they had to attend GED class to build skills in English and mathematics.  GED class gives some people the ability and opportunity to be more effective in English and mathematics. 

GED class is so much important to those who were unable to get their GED when they were in high school.



Abraham is a current Project Learn student in our GEN Y Pre-GED class.  He is from Liberia and has just advanced three grade levels in reading and two grade levels in math and will be advancing into our GED class this summer.

FYI:  A few corrections have been made to the essay prior to its publication.

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usefulsoul May 8, 2009 at 9:20 am

Would you recommend someone studying online before entering a GED class? I recently ordered some workbooks from PBS and was thinking about doing some studying online before getting into a GED program. Any suggestions?

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