New Vocabulary, Real Life

October 8, 2009

This week’s vocabulary list was a good one.

Vocabulary Words:

  • Disappoint
  • Discipline
  • Dismissal
  • Earnest
  • Embarrassment
  • Engage
  • Excessive
  • Excuse

The students seemed to enjoy using their imagination to complete the somewhat challenging assignment (use the assigned vocabulary to write a story). Below are a few that made me smile:

I once met someone who always felt like he had to make up excuses. He was an embarrassment to have around family. He would disappoint me from time to time. We went to the same school and were in our last class together. I couldn’t wait for dismissal. We had plans to go to the movies later on that evening. But of course we didn’t make it. He was earnest about making it up to me.

      I wasn’t going for that anymore, so I decided to discipline him by not answering any of his phone calls. After a couple of hours he finally came over so we could talk. I explained to him that I was tired of his excessive lying. He listened to me and said he was sorry. The next week we were engaged!


When I become disappointed in a person, I’d rather not use an act of discipline. It will not solve anything. It might just make matters worse. It would just encourage an early dismissal from the problem by the both of us. I believe that would be the best solution because at that time I may be in an earnest mood. To avoid any embarrassment we may face by an altercation, we should talk it out like adults. In this case, I think excessive talking would be a good thing. I think this because we will come to a better understanding if everything is put on the table. I also think that an excuse in not necessary. We should take up for our actions.

My students continue to impress me!


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