Big Daddy

September 30, 2009

One of my passions is writing. I love to write and get excited when I see my students put effort into their writing assignments.

Below I highlight one of my students and an essay he wrote. Greg writes about his favorite movie using scenes from the movie and relating it to his personal experiences.

My favorite movie is Big Daddy with Adam Sandler. It is about a guy who gets stuck with this kid (who is really his best friend’s son). He struggles to take care of him because he is a kid himself. He ends up becoming emotionally attached to his “new” kid.

Throughout the movie the kid puts him through a hard time, but becomes a part of Sunny’s (Adam Sandler’s character) life. He uses the kid to get girls and the kid uses him to get what he wants. I think that for the most part, Sunny cared and never wanted to see anything happen to the young boy. Sunny takes him to school every day and they do everything together. In the end, Sunny had to give the kid back to his real father and it was really sad.

This was my favorite movie because I want to be a father or a good influenece on a younger loved one. There are a lot of children who are abandoned because parents are too worried about their own lives.



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