New Year's Resolutions

February 6, 2008

Right before I got back from my 3-week vacation (I didn’t really do anything, but after a rough semester of grad classes I needed to relax), I asked Marquita and Carol Joy to conduct some New Year activities in both my ESOL classes.  Yeah, I know asking your students to write New Year’s resolutions isn’t a largely creative activity, but I don’t think setting goals for the upcoming year or semester is too much to ask.  Now, I know that it’s actually February and an entire month since we’ve made and forgotten the promises we secretly swore to uphold this upcoming year (maybe yours aren’t secret but I’ve decided to keep mine on the QT so that my friends and family don’t call me out on them all year long), but I thought you might like to hear what my students had to say.  Below is a list of a number of the goals my students made for the upcoming year.    It’s not all of them, but it will give you a good taste.  Here you go!

I want to be a United States citizen.

I want to study English and drive a car.

I want to study English in 2008.

I want to do everything that I wrote in my 2007 resolutions list.

I want to work a lot and make money.

I want to learn computer in 2008.

I want to go to visit Laos and my friends in 2008.

I want a fantastic year in 2008.

I want progress in my job.

I want to learn to use the computer and do exercises in 2008.

I want to watch the musical of The Lion King in NY.

I want to save money.

I want to buy a car.

I want to take care of my and my husband’s health.

I want to read more books.

I don’t want to waste our money on impulse buying.

I want to speak English well.

I want to go back to visit my mother in my country. 

I want to teach dance for Hmong National Day.

I want to be on time for class.

Hope you enjoyed them.  I corrected a several grammar mistakes to make it easier to read.  They might not be perfect, but my students are coming along.

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