Congresswoman Betty Sutton Reminds Us Why It's Important to Vote

February 27, 2008


With the primary elections almost upon us and the presidential elections not too far off, everyone needs a reminder of why voting is important and about how every election can impact our daily lives.  Recently, Project Learn provided our students–GED, Literacy, and ESOL–with the opportunity to meet with and ask quesitons to one of the members of congress that represents them, Congresswoman Betty Sutton. 

During this discussion, Congresswoman Sutton explained the importance of and encouraged the classroom full of students to vote in the presidential primary in March and election this fall.  Project Learn staff and students are extremely grateful for the time that Congresswoman Sutton took out of her busy schedule to come to speak with us and her continued support of our program. 

Don’t forget to vote this upcoming Tuesday!

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