A Tour at the Akron Art Mueum

May 5, 2008

Students in front of the Akron Art Museum

A few weeks ago, one of my ESOL students asked if we could take a trip to the Akron Art Museum.  Now, since we don’t have buses, I am sometimes nervous about going on field trips (Plus, perhaps insanely, if I drive, I worry about being liable), but since the museum’s just across the street, in this regard, it couldn’t be in a better location.  The problem then became all about money.  As you probably understand, not all of Project Learn’s students can afford to pay the $7 entrance fee, and since I don’t have a degree in Art History and skipped a few too many class in Intro to Humanities, I figured we’d probably need a tour guide to make the trip worthwhile and educational.  But this would only add to the amount my students would have to pay.  But luckily, the museum offered to provide students, staff, and volunteers with a free tour and admission. 

All in all, the trip turned out to be a great success.  Eleven of us (ESOL and GEN Y students, one volunteer, and I) attended, and one of my GEN Y students even brought a friend and her family.  The guide was great, and I think that everyone who attended it enjoyed it.  My ESOL students got to practice their English, and my GEN Y students learned quite a bit about Art History.  I’d like to thank the Art Museum staff for their generosity and services they provide to the community and for all the help you’ve given our students.

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