I Can Do It!

August 5, 2014

i-can-do-itThis week, hundreds of adults are sitting in Project Learn meeting rooms as they complete the last phase of the agency’s orientation program. They are days away from becoming registered Project Learn students and will be assigned to classes in two weeks.

One student, Bridgett, is particularly elated about her new beginning, and the excitement is written all over her face. She dropped out of high school during her senior year.

“I made really bad choices when I was younger but I am thankful that I have a chance to start over again and do what is right for me and my unborn child,” Bridgett said.

When asked how she plans to achieve her goal, she simply stated: “Removing negative people and energy from my life.”

“For years I have been told that I’d never achieve anything and I actually believed it,” Bridgett added. “Now I understand that those words were untrue and those people were a cancer to my growth.”

Once she earns her GED, Bridgett plans to attend obtain a degree in social work to reach out to young girls who need guidance and encouragement.

“I know what it feels like to be discouraged and alone because I once looked for love, acceptance and an escape from reality in the wrong places,” she said. “Earning my GED will be the first of many goals I will accomplish. It feels good to finally have faith in myself.”

Remember, the only way to fight negativity is with positivity. Remove yourself from any situation that is counterproductive to your studies, stay focused on your goals and use the resources available to help you achieve them.

We are rooting for Bridgett and every incoming Project Learn student. 

Good luck, all!

Alexia Harris, Communications and Community Relations Manager

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