Amelia: A Poem for My Daughter

June 16, 2014

Hello, there! I’d like to share a beautiful poem written by one of my ESL students, Julia Joo. The poem written was as a class assignment. My students were required to think of a life event or experience and choose at least five words to describe it. Using those five words as a foundation, they then needed to write a poem that described the experience and related feelings.

Julia chose to share her experience of becoming a mother and the lovely relationship she has with her daughter, Amelia.


You were an unexpected encounter,

the biggest blessing.

Yearned for and pursued for a long time,

I didn’t know your substance.

The world was empty and written in water.

I was a ship without an anchor,

a balloon ready to fly to the sky.

You come to me… a mirror, the purest reflection.

I’m scared confronting you.

Sometimes, your existence itself is poignant, thrill of joy.

Always, you make me smile and give thanks for everything.

Now you’re my anchor and root,

undeniable essence of my body and soul.

I look into myself and my future through you.

My tiny angel,

I hope, forever you in me and I in you…

– Juila Joo, ESL Student

Admittedly, I cried when I first read it. It’s an indescribable feeling when you witness the academic and personal progression of your students. And over the course of a year, Julia has made great progress. I am looking forward to reading the poems written by other students when we return from break next week.

– Alexia Harris, Communications Manager

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